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Nov. 22nd, 2004 @ 08:35 pm (no subject)
Sunday - 21/11/04, those present: Heli, Lauren, Ingrid and Edwina (and Marc, but he doesn't count)

The 4 princesses met up on Sunday morning to discuss what had happened the day before (Cassie had informed Maddy most of this by phone beforehand).

It was decided that it would be a good idea to meet up with Ashley Crixit and to ring Susan and find out how things were going for her.

Ashley - is currently in Newcastle (And thus we can't just 'pop by' and visit), so Nami decided to ask her spider-friend, Charlotte, to send some of her brood with a message.

Susan- Confirms that Marku was sent, and that we were right for remembering Susan as a stuck-up cow (re "Oh, I know everything about my past life, don't you? I was this georgeous queen and Ramel either dies for me, or went on this huge, long quest), she hasn't seen any moonreapers.

Charlotte - Nami asked Charlotte to help out by sending 10 spiders to Newcastle, they're on their way with a message to Ashley to come and visit (with no more than two monsters escourting her). Nami was then asked to talk with Charlotte's mate (Belecon), who wasn't there at that moment, but would be back later.

Belecon - Nami tells Maddie et al re Belecon. We all go and confront him. Due to confusion, Ami and Cassie think Belecon is a thalaine and Cassie involves a terrifying aura and orders Belecon to stay still. Belecon is asked some questions re Norma (Maddie's missing friend). Ami confirms that he is lying when he says he doesn't know where she is and it is decided to take him down.

*Action sequence* Maddie jumps over the fence and stamps on his spider-form. Belecon then runs, splitting himself into 4 identical spiders. Ami jumps and lands on a spider going towards the sewers, Nami attaks another making for a bin with her knife. Cassie chooses the correct one (heading to a window) to holly strike and ends up killing him (ooops!). Nami then goes to Charlotte and appologises, blaming the nasty princesses for killing her mate. Cassie is quite low (1 point permanent banality for killing a changeling, invoking banality to avoid a curse and breaking an oath!).

Nami's mother invites us round for dinner, but it is thought best that only Nami and Cassie go. On the way, they drop-by the clutter freehold. They meet 'Mr Crow', who was rather suspiciously taking stuff out in a large bag. Cassie accosts him, but gets bored and goes down further to inspect Ayadelar's lab, meeting Curos on the way. Cassie and Ami have a spirited discussion with a drunk Curos re his decision to allow anyone other than the princesses free access to items in the freehold (at least that was how it appeared). Maddie and Nami meanwhile, have a spirited discussion with Mr Crow re the contents of his bag, during which Nami pulls a knife and Maddie advises him to do what the scary girl is suggesting. (Mr Crow only has leather jackets and nast magazines btw). Maddie is then asked to handle the confusion with Curos as it had developed into a slanging match - Curos calling Cassie a 15 year old tart and she involking soverign 1 to stop him behaving inappropriately.
Maddie then argues with Curos and storms outside, throwing a stone at the freehold windows.
Ami finds a scroll in Ayadelar's lab (which only we could enter), from the Queen of the Moon to that Japanese Prince we wanted to meet. She was asking why he didn't want to join with her and how her plans were important due to the 'moon-well'.

We then left, Cassie and Curos exchanging final pleasantries (Curos saying something like: "Kiss this" and opening his mouth fully and Cassie standing solemly, then asking, "Want to see something scary?" and involking soverign 4).

Cassie and Nami get dropped off at Nami's place - where they discover a large police presence. Apparently, Carl has been arrested and the bodies of his victims have been discovered arranged as if they were attending a tea party in the basement, Norma is amongst them.

Nami and her mother stay the night in a hotel, Cassie goes home to her silent house (brother gone on a camping trip). She messages her dad to let him know Nathaniel isn't staying with her, but her dad doesn't care.

Next afternoon: Back at the castle, the others are tying to cheer up Cassie and behaving very drunk (or at least punch drunk). Then that sailor guy turns up to hang out. Maddie tries (VERY unsubtly) to fix Ami up with him. Cat gets involved, and a large party starts up. Istar has a new girlfriend btw. Jennifer hasn't seen Michael for a bit as well. However, she has seen some info in the library re a myth about a huge rivalry between the sun and the moon and how there was a champion of the sun who was imprisoned 'down south' and we should perhaps ask Dana's brother, Ash, re this.

Nami's eyes were also noted to go white (as they had previously). Gillian and Ffaldeffear were contacted (Ffaldeffear having to hitch a lift from his mum to come over). Gillian lazered Nami's eyes, blinding her temporarily - also breaking the spell.

Going back to the party, we were again interrupted by Dana bursting in, covered in scratches from a fight with three moonreapers. Fearing for Ffaldeffear (who hadn't yet arrived), Cassie and Ami try to call his mobile, but there was no answer. Finagas tracks down the location of Ffaldeffear's mobile (the Harbour Bridge) and Ami and Cassie grab Rover and go.

When they arrive, they note a car sitting in the break-down lane with Ffaldeffear sitting on top. Cassie sits next to him and he tells her that his mum became possessed and tried to kill him - he stopped her, but then she jumped off the bridge.

At that point, it is noted that a moon reaper is above them and Cassie involkes soverign 4 (also frightening Ffaldeffear). Another driver becomes possessed and rams the car, but they jump off in time. Ami jumps up to where the moonreaper is and duels it in the circle they created (appearing to be from bits of human, etc). It dies.

They all then hop into Rover and leave, Cassie still conforting Ffaldeffear.

Wackiness is expected to continue noext episode!

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Sep. 7th, 2004 @ 08:22 pm Some Resources
If you want to see what other magics there are, can't remember what something does before you buy it, here are some links that have all the Arts and Realms listed and detailed :-)

The Freehold of Carpricorne - This site is pretty :-p Click "Enter in Normal Mode" then "Site Menu" and the Arts and Realms info is in "The Library"
Scattered Dreams - This site is a bit easier to navigate, and less image heavy, so will load faster. Has the Arts and Realms, as well as extra info on different kithian we haven't encountered yet.

These are the two sites are found most helpful, so yeah, just thought that I would post them and see if others find useful :-)
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Aug. 24th, 2004 @ 07:50 pm Changeling session - Saturday 21/08/04
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
The Lead up to and the start of the Halloween Party!

The session started with the organisation of the Halloween Party (the day before Halloween). Mostly what was to be done about Lady Kat, conclusion was that she would be knighted at the party, and that the celebrations were for her (something that could be thrown back in her face if needed . . .). Upon arriving at the castle, Ami is asked by Kat if she would like to borrow a dress for the party, Ami declines having her own ideas for a costume. Ami then procceds to the material room to find the approriate cloth for the costume she will be making. Kat continues to prepare the castle for the following night, while asking others if they wish to borrow dresses, all have other clothes to wear.

The Attack on Nami!Collapse )

more lead upCollapse )

Monsters!Collapse )

More stuff, costumes, danger, the beginning of the party, FIRE!Collapse )

side notesCollapse )

And there it finished basically. yeah, next time will be quite interesting :-/
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Aug. 24th, 2004 @ 01:58 pm Introduction
Current Mood: creativecreative
Current Music: Gary Jules - Mad World
Well I figured I'd create this journal for people to check for updates and stuff. If you miss a session, someone should have taken notes of what went on, and hopefully those notes will be typed up and posted here. Yeah, this is basically what this is for and perhaps will also lead to other discussions about the game. As it is, only members of the game can join. If Ingrid, Heli or Laura get LJs let me know and I can invite them to the community. Things will be posted publicly so they will still be able to read the posts and reply anon anyway so yeah. Now to go and type up Saturday's notes :-p
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